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We've got a great lineup of authors for our second annual NPL Author Fair. Find your next book - or three! - and get to know these writers.

Fiction · Mystery, Thriller & Suspense · Science Fiction & Fantasy · Romance · Young Adult · Nonfiction
Relationships & Self-Help · History, Biography & True Crime · Poetry & Scripts · Children's Fiction


     Author Daniele Lanzarotta    Author Lynn Moon

Rekaya Gibson

Food Fiction & Nonfiction

Gibson is a freelance journalist, private investigator, and a sports podcaster living in Virginia Beach.


Daniele Lanzarotta

Fiction, Fantasy & Paranormal

Daniele Lanzarotta is a filmmaker and author of paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary novels including the Academy of the Fallen series, Sudden Hope, and A Mermaid's Curse trilogy. 


Lynn Y. Moon

Political Corruption & Juvenile Social Issues

Lynn Moon is an award-winning author of both adult and children books. Aside from her writings, she is an Acquisition Editor for Koehlerbooks in Virginia Beach.

 Author Fanita Pendleton

   Author Linda Ridenour    

Fanita Y. Pendleton

Urban Crime & Urban Romance Drama

Fanita Moon Pendleton blazed into the writing scene in 2013 with her first series: Shoot First Ask Questions Never. An avid reader, she holds a special place in her heart for the unsung genre of Urban Crime and Urban Romance Dramas.


Linda D. Ridenour

Historical Fiction based on an Original Historical Journal

Linda D. Ridenour resides in Portsmouth, VA. She's a retired educator, formerly the Director of Aerospace Middle School. She has a Master's Degree in Administrative Leadership from Old Dominion University. Linda holds the "Aerospace Educator of the Year" award from the local Air Force Association and was a nominee for the"Christa McCuliffe Aerospace Educator Memorial Award."



Fiction: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Author Nikolas Larum    Author Allie Marie   Author Jayne Ormerod 

Nikolas Larum

Nikolas Larum writes thrillers, theological works, and three internationally read blogs. A bi-vocational minister for more than 30 years, Larum has worked as a government contractor and in the recycling industry. He lives with the wife of his youth in Chesapeake, Virginia.


Allie Marie

Retired from law enforcement in Virginia, Allie Marie’s award-winning “True Colors" series takes place in Olde Towne Portsmouth. She writes mysteries inspired by colonial ancestors she discovered while researching her family tree.


Jayne Ormerod

Norfolk resident Jayne Ormerod is a cozy mystery writer who writes what she knows: small towns and beach settings. The dead bodies are purely a figment of her imagination.  

 Author Michael Rudolph

Michael Rudolph

Michael Rudolph is a retired Park Avenue attorney, an ex-New Yorker, and an ex-Connecticut Yankee. His highly reviewed debut novel was Noble Chase, a legal thriller featuring a brilliant new heroine. Her exciting story continues now with the publication of Michael’s sequel novel, Alumni Association


Heather Weidner

Heather Weidner is the author of the Delanie Fitzgerald mystery series and her short stories appear in the Virginia is for Mysteries series, 50 Shades of Cabernet, and To Fetch a Thief. Through the years, she has been a cop’s kid, technical writer, editor, college professor, software tester, and IT manager.



Fiction: Science Fiction & Fantasy

 Author Cait Ashwood    Author E G Gaddess   Author Chris Kennedy 

Cait Ashwood

Epic Fantasy & Science Fiction

Cait Ashwood is an author of epic fantasy and young adult works that have a hard time sticking to one genre. 


E.G. Gaddess


Ultimately a professional procrastinator, E. G. Gaddess creates fanciful yet recognizable worlds with fantastic characters and contraptions and eventually she writes the stories to go with them. Her works often include rich familial scenes surrounded by intoxicating adventure. The stakes are always high, the odds are usually against the characters, and the hero doesn't always get the girl (sometimes, it's the heroine.)


Chris Kennedy

Science Fiction & Political Thriller

Chris Kennedy is an author, editor, and publisher of science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories.

     Author Morven Moeller    

V. Mantis

Dark Fantasy and Sci-Fi

V. Mantis believes that stories are the best way to travel through space and time. By chasing originality in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, his works seek to deliver a brand of prose that provokes thought, changes perspectives, and shows that dark tales have wisdom to offer. With one young adult novel published and at least seven more upcoming, the future as of now is uncertain. V. Mantis works for Norfolk Public Library under the nickname "Max."


Morven Moeller


Morven Moeller is a data analyst by day and anything but that at night. Splitting their time between writing, drawing, and other creative endeavors allows them to relax after a long day of numbers and spreadsheets. Their writing often presents themes of self-actualization and LGBT positivity, drawing on anime and science fiction for fantastical settings and characters.



Fiction: Romance

 Author Jevonne Hendricks  

Jevonne Hendricks

Contemporary African-American Romance

Jevonne Hendricks is an Urban Contemporary Fiction writer hailing from the beautiful island of St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. She loves taking her readers on a journey where they can escape from their reality. 


S. Briones Lim

S. Briones Lim is a YA and Romance author from Virginia Beach. Her Contemporary Romance novel, Caught Inside, was an Amazon Bestseller in the Sports Fiction Romance category in both the United States and Australia.  


A.R. Moler

A.R. Moler is a chemistry professor at a community college, a homeschooling mom, and an avid science fiction fan. She is a devotee of first-hand research for her writing whenever possible.


Fiction: Young Adult

Rodden, Jeremy  

Jeremy Rodden

Jeremy Rodden considers himself a dad first and an author second. He is the author of the middle grade/young adult cartoon fantasy Toonopolis series as well as numerous fantasy and science fiction stories featured in a variety of anthologies.



Author Aldous Mina   Author Sharon Oberne  

Aldous Mina

Global Business Environment

Aldous Mina grew up in Norfolk, VA and is a proud Comet from Granby High School. Mr. Mina focuses his writing on emerging frontier and new world market issues, economic development in the fourth industrial revolution, and global commercial indicators facilitated by the social media environment.


Sharon E. Oberne

Teaching Resources, Children's Science Fiction, and Self-Help

Sharon Oberne enjoys writing science fiction/fantasy books for young children. As a former Norfolk Public School teacher, she enjoys visiting classrooms around the local area dressed as Mrs. Nichols, one of her book characters, with her monkey Tops.


Nonfiction: Relationships & Self-Help

Bacon, Christine    

Dr. Christine M. Bacon

Christine M. Bacon has contributed to or has been featured in various news articles, radio interviews, and other media segments. She is also the host of her own radio show, "Breakfast with Bacon," broadcast live at 11:00 EST Fridays on 1110 AM, WKQA radio throughout eastern Virginia, and the author of The Super Couple: A Formula for Extreme Happiness in Marriage.


Karen Jones

Author, educator and broadcast journalist, Karen Jones is the author of both fiction and nonfiction works: Up the Bestsellers List, Kingdom of Hearts, The Highland Witch, and Death for Beginners. She directed the Virginia Writers Conference for five years, has taught writing workshops at ODU, CNU and the University of Richmond, and is a member of the National League of American Pen Women and The Authors Guild.


Deborah A. Juniper-Frye

Deborah is the business owner of Grief Care Consulting and the author of Grieving Under Grace. She is an Ambassador for the When Women Talk Organization and a Grief Recovery Method Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute. Her 20 plus years of knowledge and a passion for the broken-hearted have given her inspiration to help see families through their most difficult time.

Nonfiction: History, Biography & True Crime

Author Nancy E Sheppard  

Stacy Parker

Local History

Stacy Parker writes about the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, tourism, and development. She’s a Virginia Beach native and has worked for The Virginian-Pilot since 1999.


Nancy E. Sheppard

Local History & True Crime

Nancy E. Sheppard is a two-time award nominated nonfiction author and historian. She is the author of two books about local history: The Airship ROMA Disaster in Hampton Roads (The History Press, 2016) and Hampton Roads Murder & Mayhem (The History Press, 2018).


Bill Sizemore

True Crime & Biography

Bill Sizemore is a retired Virginian-Pilot journalist. His latest book, Uncle George and Me: Two Southern Families Confront a Shared Legacy of Slavery, is the story of his slave-owning Virginia ancestors, their slaves, and those slaves' descendants.

Nonfiction: Poetry & Scripts

Delany, DD   Author Renee Olander   Author Ken Poyner

D.D. Delaney


D.D. Delaney is a writer and actor who specializes in performing his own work, most notably the annual Concise Dickens’ Christmas Carol, his one-man, one-hour adaptation of the classic holiday tale in which he plays 22 characters. He frequently appears as a featured poet at local poetry events and is the author of over 30 produced plays, several of which have been published by Blue Moon Plays in Virginia Beach.


Renée Olander


Renée Olander is author of the poetry collection American Dangerous, and chapbooks A Few Spells and Wild Flights. Her poems, essays, reviews, and interviews with writers have appeared in many journals, anthologies, blogs, and podcasts. Olander is recipient of the Kate Smith Award for Poetry from Amelia Magazine, and her memoir, Antarctica in the House, was a finalist for the Arcadia’s Press’s 2016 Dead Bison Editor’s Prize in Nonfiction.


Ken Poyner


Ken Poyner has published four collections of bizarre, speculative poetry and two collections of surreal mini-fictions. Thousands of his individual poems and stories have appeared in magazines and on the web. The Revenge of the House Hurlers was just released in January 2019.

Children's Fiction


Myron E. Campbell

Myron Campbell is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and producer for film and television. His book series, The Adventures of Melvin Walker tells a story about Melvin, an inner-city child, who has many different adventures, along with his best friends Riley and Tony. The books teach diversity, anti-bullying, sportsmanship, playing fair, and so much more.


Quniana Futrell

Quniana Futrell is the Children’s Champion of Empowering Communities Everywhere. She works with mothers who are in physical and mental incarceration so that they can heal their inner child, identify their power within, and evolve as a champion.


Roberta Halmond-Walters

Roberta Halmond-Walters is a first time author with her new book Kinky Curly Fuzzy Wavy. She desires to take her creative skills as a songwriter and embed them into children's books to support literacy and positive self-image.

  Author Vikkilynn Smith  

Harry Holmes

Harry Holmes is a retired Forensic Specialist of the Virginia Beach Police Department. His book Morgan, a porcupine who goes looking for a friend, has pleased children in schools, hospitals, and homes all over the nation.


Vikki Lynn Smith

Vikki Lynn Smith is a veteran educator whose passion for storytelling inspired her first book series, In the Woods, and first book Summer the Firefly. She is an avid animal lover, and when not writing about her furry friends, she is with her family and golden retrievers at home on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.


Lisa Suhay

Lisa Suhay is a career journalist who has written for The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor. Her 10th and most recent title, America the Grateful: Where Thanksgiving really Began, details Virginia's historic role as the site of America's first English-Speaking Thanksgiving.