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2SargeantThe establishment of the Sargeant Memorial Collection (SMC) began in 1927 with only a small assortment of books and historical papers collected by William Henry Sargeant. Sargeant was the first Librarian to be hired by the City of Norfolk, in 1897, and felt strongly that Norfolk should have a room devoted to her history and her people. Since that time, the Sargeant Room has grown into an impressive collection of Norfolk and Virginia history, helped by the generosity of individuals and organizations who wanted to make sure that records of Norfolk's past are preserved. The collection includes a significant photographic collection of some 60,000 images of Norfolk and the surrounding Tidewater region from world-renowned photographers.

We endeavor to expand the collection to meet the needs and desires of our patrons. We also engage in projects to promote greater access and ease of use of our collection so that everyone may appreciate it. Welcome donations include books on history and genealogy for Norfolk, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Maryland; organizational records - cultural, business, and church; rare and/or significant books; genealogical records; family and personal papers - letters, diaries; newspapers for the Hampton Roads region, publications - newsletters; pamphlets, maps, blueprints, artwork, photographs of Norfolk and Hampton Roads region; posters and postcards. In the case of monetary tax-deductible donations or a planned gift to the Sargeant Memorial Room, the Norfolk Public Library has set up the George H. Tucker Local History & Genealogy Endowment for the Sargeant Memorial Room which is administered by the Norfolk Public Library Foundation. Your donation to the Sargeant Memorial Collection will be appreciated greatly and will make a dramatic difference in the preservation of Norfolk history and the level of service we can provide.

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