Public Wireless Internet Use Policy

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Norfolk Public Library Public Wireless Internet Use Policy

Policy Statement

The Norfolk Public Library (NPL), in cooperation with the City of Norfolk Department of Information Technology (Norfolk IT), provides a wireless network with Internet access as an "as-is" feature. The wireless network is not designed as a primary information delivery tool and is in no way meant to take the place of or to extend the managed access to information offered by the Library's wired public-access computers, which are available throughout the Library system and freely available to all Library patrons.

The wireless network is configured separately from the Library's wired public-access computer network, and is offered without any guarantee of service. While every effort will be made to render the wireless network functional and useful, the Library and Norfolk IT reserve the right to make any restrictions necessary to make maintenance and support of the wireless network manageable and practical, including but not limited to the use of passwords, filtering, limits on the number of simultaneous users, and the prohibition of certain technologies and Internet features and functions.


1. User Responsibilities

    1. Users may not display visually disturbing material on screens visible to other patrons, as per the Library's Code of Conduct. Sound should not be audible to other patrons. Users shall refrain from the use of visuals and sounds which disrupt the ability of other Library patrons or the staff to use the Library and its resources.
    2. Users are responsible for properly configuring their computer to connect to the wireless network. Library staff will give out necessary passwords and general information but are in no way responsible for connecting a patron's computer to the wireless network and are prohibited from making any changes to a user's computer configuration.
    3. Users are responsible for monitoring their computers and computer equipment. Library staff will under no circumstances assume responsibility for monitoring or safe-keeping computers or computer equipment. Users are urged to monitor their computer and computer equipment at all times.
    4. Users may not use the wireless network or the Library's computer equipment for engaging in illegal activity. Individuals using the wireless network or the Library's computing resources for illegal purposes are subject to prosecution.
    5. Users may not extend or in any way alter the configuration or settings of the wireless network.
    6. Users may not attempt to defeat restrictions placed on usage or access granted through the wireless network.
    7. Violations of this policy may result in suspension from the Library

2. Filtering of the Wireless Network

    1. The wireless network is filtered for pornography, some visually disturbing material, and sites and content that presents network security and bandwidth issues. Filtering is set at one level for all users and cannot be adjusted or disabled by Library staff.
    2. Any additional restrictions of a minor's access to the Internet via the wireless network is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
    3. Users 17 years of age and older who need unfiltered access may request it on one of the Library's wired public-access computers, which are freely available at all NPL agencies.

      3. Printing
      Printing via the wireless network is not available at this time.