Social Media Policy

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Norfolk Public Library Social Media Policy

Policy Statement


In keeping with the Norfolk Public Library’s mission to “meet the needs of our diverse community for life-long learning, cultural enrichment, and intellectual stimulation,” the library incorporates various social media applications into its collection of tools and resources.  As technology changes and social media software increasingly becomes an essential communication tool, the library seeks to reach new audiences, engage with users more effectively, and enhance services by allowing greater interaction and feedback. These social media applications are to be used for the following purposes:

  1. To enhance communication and collaboration between library staff and community members
  2. To promote library services and programs through greater accessibility to NPL-specific information
  3. To provide a venue for patron-contributed content
  4. To improve library services, programs, and resources based on patron feedback
  5. To reach new and inactive patron groups
  6. To establish NPL as a leader in information services by utilizing technologies that are already popular with the public


Public Generated Content

  1. While NPL recognizes and respects differences in opinion, all content posted to sites maintained by the library are subject to the Norfolk Public Library’s Code of Conduct.
    • No Inappropriate Language – inappropriate or abusive language is prohibited.
      • Content on NPL maintained social media applications should adhere to NPL standards of language.  Obscene or racist comments, violent or abusive language, and/or cursing will not be allowed.
    • No Public Displays of Obscene Material
      • Public displays of obscene or visually disturbing material that interfere with the ability of others to use the library or that which is prohibited by law is also prohibited.
      • The posting of content that may be considered obscene as established by Norfolk’s City Code Chapter 28 will not be allowed.  Obscene material is identified as content that is considered as a whole, has as its dominant theme or purpose an appeal to prurient interest in sex; that is, a shameful or morbid interest in nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, excretory functions or products thereof or sadomasochistic abuse, and which goes substantially beyond customary limits of candor in description or representation of such matters.
    • No selling, soliciting, or mass distribution of materials
      • At no time will a user’s personal and private information be distributed by the library to a third party.  Additionally, patron-generated content containing personal or private information will be immediately removed.  Any user selling or mass-distributing information as spam using NPL maintained sites will be blocked from usage.
    • No Harassing Behavior 
      • Harassment using NPL-maintained social media sites is prohibited.  Harassing behavior may include, but is not limited to unwanted conversations and advances of a personal or sexual nature that intimidate or make the other party uncomfortable and intentionally monopolizing staff time so that performance of duties is materially disrupted.  This may take a variety of forms and may include an overabundance of comments or posted content to NPL-maintained sites.
    • No Following/Stalking 
      • Cyber stalking is strictly prohibited and may include excessive messages to a single staff member or library patron and/or seeking out another’s personal information using NPL-maintained social media sites.
    • No Abusive Behavior  
      • No abusive language or behavior will be tolerated.  This includes but is not limited to threats, violent or racist language, and personalized attacks.
    • No Unlawful Behavior
      • No unlawful behavior of any kind will be permitted including potentially libelous statements, use of plagiarized or copy-written material, or photos or other images or audio-visual materials that fall into the aforementioned categories.
  2. The public is allowed to post comments related to NPL-generated content, and must correlate with the topic being discussed.
  3. Any comments that do not follow this policy will be removed from the site.