Online Collection Development Policy

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Norfolk Public Library Online Collection Development Policy


Because there are millions of sites currently on the Internet, with more being added every day, Norfolk Public Library provides access to a collection of prime websites to save the time of the library patron.

Library patrons not only have many interests but many points of view. Members of the Norfolk Public Library Collection Development Group make professional choices while choosing sites that meet the diverse needs and interests of their patrons.

The Norfolk Public Library subject guide is designed primarily for the citizens of Norfolk, the Norfolk Public Library librarians and those interested in Norfolk, Virginia, but we think all Internet users will find it useful.


The subject areas for Norfolk Public Library have been determined by the Collection Development Group. Each team member is responsible for content in one or more subjects. Subjects are further broken down into subcategories for the ease of the user.

Selection Criteria

Content Criteria:

  • Authority
  • Qualifications of author/producer
  • Authority statement should be obvious
  • Accuracy
  • Validity of information
  • Currency
  • Currency of time-sensitive materials
  • Frequency of updating
  • Scope
  • Breadth of coverage
  • Depth of coverage
  • Treatment
  • Bias or perspective should be obvious
  • Usefulness/appropriateness for NPL audience

Access Criteria:

  • Access
  • No charge for access, at least to most services
  • No requirements if registration necessary
  • ADA-friendly
  • Design
  • Compatible with popular browsers
  • Easy to use
  • Interactivity
  • Internal links
  • Links to additional sites of useful material
  • Reliability
  • Stability of site and contents

The Norfolk Public Library Collection Development Group reviews the selection criteria for the Norfolk Public Library website at designated intervals as technologies develop and the needs of users change.

Acquisition and Retention Members of the Collection Development Group serve as team leaders for each of the subjects. Their teams are composed of Site Searchers who locate, examine and evaluate sites using the criteria in this policy. Teams then decide which sites will be included. These sites are submitted to the Collection Development Group Leader.

Subject teams review referred sites according to the above criteria and determine their suitability for inclusion. The Collection Development Group reviews disputed sites or those which do not fall within the subject categories.

The Collection Development Group makes every effort to make discerning choices. Challenges to any site may be handled through submission of a written statement requesting reconsideration of a site.

The Collection Development Group reviews sites at regular intervals to determine their ongoing value.


The Norfolk Public Library does not warrant the information accessible through this site to be authoritative, accurate or factual. Further, the availability of networked information does not constitute an endorsement of the content of that information by the Norfolk Public Library.