Appendix 2

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Further Collection Considerations

Audiocassettes – The Library primarily purchases unabridged fiction and nonfiction spoken word audiocassettes from publishers who provide replacement cassettes. Abridged titles may be purchased when they are recognized for unusual excellence or if unabridged versions are not available. The Library accepts abridged donations that meet the selection criteria and are in good working condition.

Dissertations and Theses – The Library does not purchase or accept dissertations or theses, unless they relate to local interests.

Electronic Resources – The Library purchases a variety of materials in electronic format, which will continue to change with technological advances. Current formats include but are not limited to the following:

  • CD-ROMs – The Library occasionally purchases reference resources in CDROM format, when the resource meets selection criteria and is not available directly over the World Wide Web.
  • Online Commercial Databases – The Library purchases access to selected online commercial databases to meet reference and research needs, as budgets permit. As more resources become available online, considerations will be given to (1) thoroughness of the online resource compared to the print publication, (2) currency and accuracy of data, (3) number of patron access points or simultaneous users, (4) ease of use, (5) value added features, (6) whether the Library owns or leases data, (7) vendor support and training, along with other traditional selection criteria. The Library will attempt to purchase access at all locations, whenever possible.
  • Software Applications – The Library purchases selected popular software applications for use on public computers as budgets permit.
  • World Wide Web Resources – The Library makes available on the NPL web site a list of resources recommended by staff librarians. Subject specialists or Library Managers select and review web sites, which are linked to the NPL web site subject index.

Government Documents – The Library automatically receives selected federal government documents and acquires selected state and local documents, some of which are cataloged as part 2 Appendix 2 of the reference or nonfiction collections. The Library acquires selected public records in microfilm or in print format to support local history and genealogy research.

Interlibrary Loan – The Library maintains borrowing agreements with libraries world wide and will attempt to obtain materials that are not available in the collection, following the Interlibrary Loan Code of the American Library Association. Materials that are difficult to obtain through interlibrary loan include: recently published, audiovisual, reference, all genealogical and rare materials. Material, that meets the selection guidelines and is currently available from publishers or distributors, is purchased for the collection whenever possible, rather than borrowed.

Large Print – The Library purchases selected large print fiction and nonfiction titles to provide as budgets permit.

Local Authors – To recognize and promote local talent, the Library encourages donations of works by authors, producers, and publishers in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, including the Virginia Eastern Shore. The Library purchases materials by local authors that meet the selection criteria.

Manuscripts, Rare books, Realia – The Library does not purchase these materials, but accepts donations primarily related to local history and genealogy.

Microforms – For archival purposes, the Library maintains selected collections in microform. The Library purchases or acquires some newspapers, magazines, journals, census records, local historical records and government documents in microfilm or microfiche.

Multiple Copies – To enhance patron access, the Library purchases additional copies of titles, as budgets permit. Due to cost considerations, the Library purchases fewer added copies of audiovisual, music and large print materials.

Music – The Library collects music in a number of formats, including but not limited to those listed below. Selections are made as budgets permit.

  • Music Cassettes – The Library maintains a small collection of music cassettes. The Library currently collects music cassettes when a desired music title is only available in cassette format.
  • Music CDs – The Library purchases selected music CDs.Music Scores – The Library retains a collection of music scores, sheet music and librettos.
  • Phonograph Records – The Library no longer purchases phonograph records.

Out of Print Material – The Library generally does not attempt to purchase out-of -print material. The Library will accept out-of-print donations, which meet the selection criteria.

Paintings – the Library does not purchase framed or original art. Donations are accepted at the discretion of the Library Director. Local art works may be loaned to the library for display.

Pamphlets - The Library accepts selected pamphlets for vertical file collections and for public display and distribution. (See the Display and Distribution of Free Materials Policy).

Periodicals – This collection consists primarily of magazines and newspapers. The Library purchases magazines and newspapers of general and local interest, as budgets and space permit. Complimentary copies of magazines and newsletters are displayed as space permits. The Kirn Memorial Library maintains an extensive historical collection of magazines and newspapers in print and microfilm.

Preservation – Proper maintenance of the collection involves repair and rebinding of classic, out-of-print titles and archival material. Books and periodicals are bound based upon archival needs. The Library may convert unique, fragile reference material to microform or digital format, as budgets permit.

Special Collections – Special collections will be created and dispersed at the discretion of the Library Director, based upon resources needed to support the collections.

Textbooks – The Library does not purchase textbooks, unless specific information on the topic is only available in this format.

Videocassettes – The Library purchases selected movies and nonfiction titles in VHS format. Special emphasis is given to award winning movies, classics, high quality nonfiction or instructional titles, educational youth titles and local interest videos. The Library accepts donations that meet the selection criteria and are in good working condition.