Parents & Caregivers

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Here's What We Do Best!

Early-Literacy Programs

We provide a variety of developmentally appropriate programs for very young children and their parents. The programs feature local professionals as resources for parents and emphasize the role of parents as the first teachers of their children, facilitate early intervention, and teach strategies for healthy child development and early literacy.

KidZones in Every Library

Every branch is home to a clean, specially-designed, welcoming space with developmentally appropriate toys for young children. Visit a KidZone where play, reading, and learning connect.

Information that is Both Fun and Educational

Our collection includes books, toys, music, and multimedia materials for babies, toddlers, parents, and service providers. 
And did we mention we’re a Family Place Library?

Highly Trained Library Staff

Our Children’s Department staff receives specialized training in family support, child development, parent education, and best practices. Among other things, our staff can help you find just the right book for your child.

Access to Technology

Each of our libraries has child-safe, filtered public computers to promote digital literacy and help children thrive in a technology-rich environment. Set your children up with an interactive, educational website from the eKids page, or send them to our free homework resources!

Library Policies for Children to Keep your Kids Safe